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Roots Turmoil Watch

Roots Turmoil Watch

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This fresh new approach to digital timepieces captures the spirit of Roots Athletics. All watches feature electro luminescent back lights, alarms, and chronographs. Water resistant to 50 meters.

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In 1973, Don Green and Michael Budman founded Roots, initially a footwear company that sold the Negative Heel Shoes, before expanding their product offering. The Kowalewski family and their family business, the Boa Shoe Company, were the first makers of "Negative Heel Shoes", which became Roots' defining product. Roots opened its first store on Yonge St. near the Rosedale subway station, in Toronto in August 1973. A couple of months later, Roots bought the Upin and Ipin Company and opened their first leather factory. By the end of the year, Roots had stores in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and a few locations in the U.S.