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Pearl Necklace by Misaki

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Pearl Necklace by Misaki

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Made of white cultured pearls. A marriage of elegance and casual, this style is the ultimate timeless pearl jewel. The almost virginal polar whiteness of the pearl gives it a unique and pure beauty, softened by the iridescent tints of its lustre. Its roundness, voluptuous and gentle, imbues it with true nobility. Simple and precious, the Alaska stud earrings close with a classic silver butterfly push-on backer. Necklace set includes matching pearl studs earrings! Did you know there is more than one way to wear this amazing stunning necklace?

More Ways to Wear It!

Layer It! Take your Pearl necklace to the next level with the layered look, each bearing its own story about your sense of fashion and style. Combine it with another pearl necklace or a silver necklace, everything can be layered to enhance your glamour & personal style. Once you understand the basics of length and layering options, you can play with jewelry pendant designs that will create a one-of-a-kind accessory.

How to Layer Your Pearls

  • Layer 1: You’ll need to start with the shortest necklace. Perhaps here you can choose a string of pearls. Be sure the necklace you choose does not interfere with the neckline of your shirt, if so start right below.

  • Layer 2: Add a different type of necklace as your second piece; that’s right don’t be afraid to mix & match your necklace. This should be a longer necklace that could potentially include a pearl and a pendant. Even an inch or two longer will work, if you are wearing a deep V neckline, you can always drop down a few inches. You can even interchange different materials like metals with pearl or a combination of metals.

  • Layer 3: Now go long for your third piece. Here you can do a long Pearl necklace or a combination of pearl and chain. Pendants and lariats also work great, since the weight of the bauble adds a long visual that frames the other two necklaces.

  • Layer 4 & Beyond: You don’t need to stop at three layers of necklaces. What about Audrey Hepburn & Coco Chanel with their layers of pearls … classy and sophisticated! Have fun and layer it up!

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