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Pearl Necklace by Misaki

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Pearl Necklace by Misaki

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Displaying the nobility of pearl jewels, this necklace re-works the rational beauty of the classic jewel. A soft graduation of pink and mauve unfolds in perfect romantic simplicity. Contrasting with the soft white handmade pearl, this detail lends the jewel a rather singular beauty. With its daring lustre, the necklace is endowed with a refined and infinitely feminine charm.Necklace set includes a matching intense mauve stud earrings! Did you know there is more than one way to wear this amazing stunning necklace?

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In fact, this stunning pearl piece can be more than just a pearl necklace, it can be a pearl bracelet as well. Women with classic, sophisticated style and those with trendy style can wear long pearls in a variety of ways. Audrey Hepburn, Sarah Jessica Parker, and even Coco Chanel have been seen wearing pearl necklaces draped around their necks. No matter what your individual style may be, you can wear long pearls and look great. Also note the age range of the women; anyone can wear them and look amazing. It's all a matter of finding out how to wear long pearls to reflect your personal style.Different Ways to Wear your Long Pearl Necklace:

• Knot it - by making a knot about halfway down your pearl necklace.
• Use it wrapped around the neck like a scarf first, hold the pearl necklace horizontally at the base of the neck, next then pass one end through the loop of the other end.
• Wrapped a couple of times around your neck to and give it your pearl necklace a chunky choker- it looks especially well if your t-shirt is low-cut.
• Wrapped once around the neck , twisted, with the remainder of the pearl necklace hanging in a second tier.

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